Celerio Overview

Celerio is a code generator tool for data-oriented application.

great Celerio uses as input the entity-relationship model used by all relational databases. This model is present in production and most developers understand it. To obtain this model, Celerio connects to your database and performs a reverse engineering of your database schema. Celerio supports Oracle, My Sql, Postgres, DB2, etc.

great The model can be augmented using a configuration file. You may for example configure inheritance, rename some variables, declare some bi-directional associations, etc. Then Celerio executes code generation templates written in Velocity

great Celerio comes with ready-to-use code generation templates organized into templates packs (‘Backend’ pack’, ‘JSF 2’ pack, etc…). These templates address most use cases of data-oriented applications.

great You can of course write your own generation templates, using existing one as source of inspiration

Celerio Main features

Code Generation Templates Packs

Jaxio provides these templates packs by default

The code that gets generated leverages the best and latest Open Source technologies and standards and follows the best practices.

Of course Celerio is not required at Runtime.

Here is a high level overview of Celerio and the generated code

Pack Angular 4 + Spring Boot + Prime NG etc.

Pack development is in progress.

Code source: https://github.com/jaxio/celerio-angular-quickstart

‘Java EE 7 webapp’ (backend and frontend, without Spring)

Sources: https://github.com/jaxio/javaee-lab

‘Backend’ pack (with Spring)

Sources: https://github.com/jaxio/pack-backend-jpa

‘JSF 2 & PrimeFaces’ Pack (with Spring)

Sources: https://github.com/jaxio/pack-jsf2-spring-conversation

Read our blog entry "Conversation with JSF2"

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