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10. Configuration File

Main Configuration File

The main Celerio configuration file is by convention located under ${basedir}/src/main/config/celerio-maven-plugin/celerio-maven-plugin.xml. This configuration file must respect the celerio.xsd schema present in the same directory.

Note: The bootstrap goal creates a configuration file that can be used as a starting point.

Splitting the entityConfigs tag

The entityConfigs tag can be declared in the main Celerio configuration file AND/OR in sub-configuration files that are included in the main configuration file. Note that, for such included files, only the entityConfigs tag is loaded by Celerio. Here is an example:

  <include filename="celerio-maven-plugin-secondary.xml"/>
  <entityConfig tableName="BOOK" subPackage="fromMainConfig"/>

And here is the included file

  <entityConfig tableName="ACCOUNT" subPackage="fromIncludeConfig"/>

Template pack configuration file

The template packs can be declared in the main Celerio configuration file OR in the file ${basedir}/src/main/config/celerio-maven-plugin/celerio-template-packs.xml . When this file is present Celerio loads from it the packs tag instead of loading it from the main Celerio configuration file.

   <pack name="pack-backend" enable="true">
    <filenames><!-- do not generate these files -->
     <filename include="false" pattern="src/main/resources/database.properties" />
     <filename include="false" pattern="src/main/resources/hibernate.properties" />
     <filename include="false" pattern="src/main/resources/log4j.properties" />
     <filename include="false" pattern="src/main/resources/ehcache/local.xml" />

This separated file was mainly introduced for multi-module maven projects. The various modules (e.g. core and web) shares the same celerio-maven-plugin.xml configuration file but uses their own celerio-template-packs.xml configuration file.

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